Fine art, fine prices, fine service

I’ve found a perfect way to relieve stress after a hard day. I know that even psychologists ask their patients to depict something in order to reveal people’s fears and worries. When I paint, I forget about everything as I’m absolutely focused on the picture. It’s been my hobby for about a year but I haven’t made much progress. In fact, it’s not my aim – I paint for pleasure. Still there is a canvas in my apartment which I’m not ashamed of. Certainly, cause I’m not its author!:) This lovely work of art was created by Leonid Afremov. I bought it at an 80% discount. Frankly speaking, I thought the painting was damaged cause why would someone make such a great reduction? There’s no such thing as a free lunch! And when came the day to check if Afremov was cheating his customers or not, it turned out I was wrong! The canvas was flawless! Magnificent colors, high quality work, the certificate of authenticity convinced me once and for all that Leonid’s website isn’t fraud. I left a ‘thank you’ comment and occupied myself with hanging the piece of art. Since that moment my bedroom doesn’t look the same. It became brighter and warmer!


Afremov used to sell his paintings in various galleries, however, in 2007 he made a decision to create his own, a virtual one. I think it gave his customers lots of advantages:


  • They don’t have to pay extra as they buy direct from the artist. Say goodbye to dealers!
  • All the canvases are gathered in one place. You needn’t surf the net for hours. It’s convenient!
  • If you have a question, you can call or get a free online consultation. Qualified people are eager to help you!
  • A person gets a $25discount for registration. Nice present for a new-born admirer of Leonid’s art!
  • Afremov provides free shipping to any part of the world. I wouldn’t miss this cool opportunity!

These are not all the priorities of purchasing from the painter. If you need any additional information, you can find it visiting his online gallery. There you can also read about his interesting life and career development.


I hope that you’ll follow my example and let yourself revel in beauty of Afremov’s oil canvases. You’d better agree to buy his works, otherwise, I’ll offer you my poor paintings!:) Make the right choice!:)







A Living Legend

I advise everybody who says that my job isn’t well-paid read the article about David Copperfield Apart from 11 Guinness World Records, he’s the owner of 11 islands in the Bahamas. Hmm, eleven is his lucky number?
David was born in New Jersey. He began practicing magic at the age of 10. Can you imagine that?! And at the age of 16 he was already teaching it at New York University! His career on television started in 1977, when the magician was discovered by Joseph Cates. Copperfield hosted in 17 TV specials produced by Cates. I like David’s photo when he’s performing for the ABC special: he’s holding a pack of cards in one hand, while the other hand makes the ace of hearts levitate!


Of course, it’s not the best of his tricks. Guess the whole world remembers him walking through the Great Wall of China or escaping from Alcatraz prison. Watching Copperfield’s shows, I was always nervous cause it’s impossible to have illusion under perfect control. Here’s a sad prove – once he was doing a rope trick and accidentally cut off the tip of his finger with scissors 😦 Another terrifying episode happened in 1984 when David was handcuffed and couldn’t get out of a tank of water. Thanks God, he was saved! So, the profession of an illusionist is very dangerous and risky! And though I adore it, I wouldn’t like to end up because of a failed magic trick!

High hopes

My name’s Lucy and I’m fond of rollerblading, painting and watching movies. My profession is an illusionist. Some jobs require physical strength, while other demand intellectual development. And in my work the most valuable skill is dexterity. I’m only 24 and I have all the time in the world. Who knows, maybe one day David Copperfield will call me and say: ‘Hey, babe, you’re dope!’. Or Cirque du Soleil will beg me to join them but I’ll be so busy taking care about my five children that I’ll have to refuse them. Life’s an unexpected little thing. Today it praises you, tomorrow it can turn its back upon you. Appreciate what you have now and never regret about the past!